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1 Kilo Gold Bar Elemetal

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Buy Elemetal Mint Gold for as low as $10.95 over spot!

Buy the Elemetal 1 kilo Gold Bar and significantly increase the value of your diversified retirement portfolio. Each of these gold bars is manufactured by the Elemetal Mint, a Precious Metals IRA approved (ISO9001) Private Mint, with 1 kilogram of .9999 Fine Gold. The Elemetal Mint uses the highest industry production quality and metal purity standards, ensuring that each gold bar is beautiful and qualifies for a self-directed Precious Metals IRA.

The obverse of this 1 kilo Gold Bar features the Elemetal Mint logo: a stylized “E” and “M” in the shape of a lemniscate, or symbol of infinity. The lemniscate signifies the extent of involvement the Elemetal Mint has in the precious metals industry. From the collection of scrap metal to refinement and minting, the Elemetal Mint is able to maintain custody of Bullion it produces. Moreover, the lemniscate signifies the Elemetal Mint’s commitment to sustainable production of precious metal bullion.

The obverse the Elemetal 1 kilo Gold Bar is stamped with “ELEMETAL”, and “9999 1 KILO FINE GOLD” above, “ELEMETAL REFINING JACKSON” around, and an individual serial number below the Elemetal Mint symbol.

The Elemetal Mint is a collaborative effort between three leaders in the Precious Metals industry: Ohio Precious Metals (OPM) and NTR Metals. OPM has a legacy of producing bullion that meets the highest standards of quality (LBMA), and NTR has production capabilities that facilitate mass production of quality bullion.

Because the Elemetal 1 kilo Gold Bar is produced by a private mint, it carries and lower premium than Gold Bullion produced by a Sovereign Mint. Consequently, the price of this gold bar is more accessible and maximizes the amount of gold an individual may invest in. And where the security of other privately minted gold bullion is dubious, the individual serial number certifies that each of these bars consists of 1 kilo of .9999 fine gold.

Each Elemetal 1 kilo Gold Bar will ship in new condition as they are received from the Elemetal Mint. Each bar will ship in a poly bag to protect the gold bar while it is in transit.

Buy a Elemetal 1 kilo Gold Bar today, and take advantage of Free Shipping. Call 888-604-6534 to speak with one of our customer service representatives, or use our secure, online checkout.

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