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1 oz Generic Silver Bars .999 Fine

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Buy Gold and Silver Safely is selling generic silver bullion Bars at the lowest price in the united states, guaranteed. Precious metals are now considered one of the best avenues of investment, as other investment methods are relatively more volatile in nature. Although these generic silver Bars can contain numerous designs and brands, we guarantee the weight and purity of the silver present in each product – 1 troy ounce of 0.999 pure silver. Every silver bar is tested and authenticated to ensure that each product we ship is genuine. Moreover, the weight and purity of the silver in each product are verified as well.

Each shipment can contain secondary market bars and new silver bars. The secondary market silver bars may show signs of wear and tear, and in some cases aging. However, the outer condition of the bars does not affect the value of silver present in them. Considering these products are available at extremely low premiums over the spot price of Silver, they make an economical and cost-effective way of obtaining pure silver.

Each silver bar  contains one ounce of fine 0.999 silver (Ag). The designs on these bars may vary, as they are generic and selected at random when your order is picked by the shipping team. Boasting precious metals products from famous mints such as Sunshine Minting, Republic Metals Corporation, Golden State Mint and many more, our selection is one of the finest in the market.

Since these generic silver bars contain a healthy amount of pure silver, they make a brilliant method of expanding your investment portfolio. Additionally, the fact that they are sold at very low premiums over the spot price of silver only increases their investment potential. Investors have always loved these products as a way of acquiring silver at low premiums, to expand their tangible assets with minimal financial investment.

*Please note* Purchasing from a generic product SKU allows Buy Gold and Silver Safely to ship the choosing of the inventory we have on hand at the time of shipping. There is no guarantee to which product design or brand you will or will not receive. If you would like a specific brand or design, please check the rest of our silver bar inventory to see if we have the specific brand or design you are looking for.

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