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About Us

Buy Gold and Silver Safely is a broker/dealer specializing in the sale of physical gold and silver bullion coins and bars at 1% above wholesale cost, guaranteed to be the lowest in the nation.

Our goal is to provide you with the best prices in the nation. We scour the internet each week and simply just undercut everyone in price. If you see a price lower than ours, let us know and we will match or beat it.

We also sell only gold and silver bullion coins and bars which are the lowest cost to spot, not numismatic/rare/collectible type coins that other dealers sell at much higher commissions.

We only sell the types of gold and silver coins and bars that gold expert Doug Eberhardt, author of the book Buy Gold and Silver Safely, believes in and that is bullion gold and silver bars and coins.

If you don’t see the coins or bars you want listed, call us and we’ll quote you on them.

We also buy back all of the products we sell to you with our buyback guarantee program. If we sell any metals to you, we will buy the metals back from you and do so at the highest buyback in the nation, guaranteed.


You can buy the same amount of gold for much less than the American Gold Eagles by buying .999 pure one ounce gold bars. Our philosophy is simple, why pay more for your gold? Why not put the extra profit in your pocket? You get the same appreciation of the gold price. For silver we recommend the 1 ounce silver rounds and for IRA’s the larger silver bars which offer you the lowest cost.

Where We Are With the Metals Market Today

The prices of gold and silver today will be looked back upon as the “opportunity of a lifetime.” To learn more about buying gold and silver please read the book Buy Gold and Silver Safely.

Many customers place their orders through the online store. We also accept orders over the phone. Do not hesitate to contact us with anything you might need assistance with in making your purchase as seamless as possible. We have the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) possible with zero complaints because of our impeccable customer service that will walk you through the process each step of the way. We also have the highest ratings from TrustPilot.

Buy Gold and Silver Safely is the most trustworthy lowest cost wholesaler of gold and silver in the USA.

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to doing some good business together.

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Buy Gold and Silver Safely

Due to market volatility we are closed for online orders but are taking orders over the phone priced to current market conditions. please call 888-604-6534.