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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account with

You can open an account by clicking on the “Open an Account” tab at the top of each page. Simply complete the form and hit submit. Once the account is open, you can begin buying precious metals online. Of course we are always available by phone to speak to if necessary at 888-604-6534.

What are the benefits of having a account?

We are the lowest priced seller of gold and silver coins and bars in the USA. We look at all our competitors each week and simply undercut them in price. We have the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the best customer service in the industry with great communication with you until you receive your metals.

Where is your office located?

550 West B Street
Fourth Floor
San Diego, CA, 92101

Why should I do business with

We are the only company in America that sells only gold and silver bullion because that is the only type of metal you should be buying. Other metal purchases including rare, numismatic, collectible, European coins like the Swiss Franc, British Sovereign, French Franc and others, are sold at higher commissions on the hope that they will appreciate faster than bullion coins. We do not believe this will occur and you are better suited to owning bullion coins and bars where the appreciation goes to you, not the dealer. In fact, call our competition and tell them you want bullion coins and see how they try to switch you to collectible coins or some other product they say has the potential to do better than bullion. 9 out of 10 will try this on you (Gold dealer tactics are explained in Chapter 8 of the book Buy Gold and Silver Safely; Gold Dealer Tactics).

What is the Minimum Investment?



How long will it take to get my order?

If you pay by wire it normally takes 3-5 business days to receive a tracking number from the time that we receive the wire. If you pay by check it  will take  7-10 business days for a check to clear. We recommend wiring funds in. With most banks you can do this online now.

If there is a delay we will inform you via e-mail at the time of order or over the phone.

What are the shipping, handling and insurance charges?

All shipping is free of charge and includes insurance.

Do you ship internationally?

We can ship internationally but there may be shipping charges and/or custom issues. Please call to discuss.

How is my order shipped?

Orders are normally sent UPS or USPS, fully insured.

My order was shipped USPS, why is it taking so long?

This is the government at work. The USPS website tells you the package will arrive at a certain date and it never does arrive by that date. We typically allow 10 business days for the package to arrive. Most of our deliveries are shipped UPS because of this issue.

Can you ship my order to a post office box?

Yes, only with USPS subject to their time schedule (up to 10 days).

What if I authorize someone else to receive my package?

All orders are fully insured until signed for. Therefore will not be liable for any loss or damage if the following occurs:

  • You have left instructions with any carriers or delivery service to leave parcels unattended or without the need for a signature
  • You have given instructions to leave your package with someone else such as; a building manager, neighbor, drop-off locations
  • Have specified a delivery address where a third party may sign for your shipment

Can I change the shipping address on my order?

For packages sent UPS, if you sign up for UPS MyChoice, you can control the shipment of the package, including day of delivery and address to be delivered.

Can I choose a courier?

Yes you can, but there could be possible charges. Some of our suppliers only use one carrier to keep their costs down as they have special pricing arrangements with them. If you choose a different courier, there could be additional expenses involved.

Can my order be held and shipped at a later date?

Yes, just let us know when you would like the order to be shipped some limitations apply please call in.


Why should I buy gold and silver?

Because we have the lowest prices and best advice, period.

Does it cost anything to open a account?


Do you have quantity discounts?

Yes, please call to discuss where the price breaks are (typically 50 and 100 ounces for gold and 5,000 ounces for silver past what you already see on the store).

Are there any additional charges?


Can I change my order after my order is confirmed?

An order cannot be reduced once placed because we lock in the prices, but additional coins and bars may be purchased at any time subject to the minimum investment of $2,500.

Can I cancel my order?

An order can be canceled but subject to cancellation fees and any market loss.

Why is your price higher than the spot price?

All of the mints who create the coins need to take their cut and gold dealers charge whatever we want to on top of that. In our case, it’s just a 1% fee.

Why are U.S. Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaves so expensive?

The most trusted mints are the government mints and these coins are also legal tender. The buy back on these coins is also higher as of today, but there is no guarantee of this in the future.

Do you carry other precious metals such as platinum or palladium?

Yes we do. Call to inquire about pricing, but we also only charge 1%.

Are my prices locked in when I place my order?


Can I return my order?

All metals can be returned subject to a market loss charge. In a sense, you would be selling the coins back to us after you have already received them. You have 10 days to return any metals subject to this market loss charge, if any, and avoiding the 1% commission on the sale.

Do you charge sales tax?

Because our minimum order is above the threshold for charging any sales tax, we do not charge any sales taxes or purchases.

Do you report my purchase of precious metals to the IRS?

The reporting requirements for the metals are for any purchases of $10,000 or more in cash. We do not accept cash and therefore do not have to do any reporting of cash transactions. All purchases are done with check or wire transfer.

Do bullion coins come with a certificate of authenticity?

Bullion coins come directly sealed from the mints in 500 ounce quantities or more. Smaller orders are from sealed boxes that have been opened, but directly from the mints. Older date coins may come from prior buyers, but can still be sealed boxes or unopened tubes. All coins are uncirculated.

If I buy $10,000 or more is it reported?

The reporting requirements for the metals are for any purchases of $10,000 or more in cash. We do not accept cash and therefore do not have to do any reporting of cash transactions. All purchases are done with check or wire transfer.

Do I have to report my gold coin purchases to the Government?

When you go to sell your metals, any gains on the sale need to be reported to the IRS on your 1099 form as a gain under the honor system.

Do I have to pay taxes if I sell my bullion coins for a profit?

There are no taxes charged by Buy Gold and Silver Safely on any purchases of metals from you that you send in.


Do you have a holding period on personal checks?

Yes, 10 days. If you send us a copy of your canceled check via email, then we can expedite this process. When you sign into online banking it allows you to copy the front and back of your canceled check.

How do I Bank Wire Transfer funds?

We send the instructions with each purchase.

When do you require payment for my order?

For wires within 48 hours and for checks they need to be postmarked within 48 hours.

What form of payment does Buy Gold and Silver Safely accept?

Check or bank wire.


Will you buy back my bullion if the market price goes way up?

Yes, we are a broker/dealer and have a ready market to buy back everything we well to our clients as well as can act as broker for metals we sell that non-clients want to sell to us.

How do I sell to

Call us and we will provide you details. The metals will have to be shipped to us and upon arrival and inspection we can make the sale for you.

Are there any fees when selling to

We only have a 1% commission when selling to us, and guarantee the highest buyback prices in the nation.

When will I receive my payment?

Once we make the sale for you, you can expect payment within 48 hours.


How Do I Store My Precious Metals?

We recommend storage of precious metals in your home. If held at a bank safe deposit box they may not be accessible during any bank holiday should one occur.

How Can I Safely Store My Physical Gold and Silver?

We recommend you have a small safe with petty cash and costume jewelry that you would lead anyone attempting theft to. Meanwhile, if you have a large stash of metals, a safe under the refrigerator or if small stash, a false shelving area on the floor of a closet is a good place. I cover storage in my book, Buy Gold and Silver Safely.

How Easy Will It Be to Sell My Physical Precious Metals?

If the metals are in storage with us, it is easy to sell and get paid immediately. We buy back all metals we sell with just a 1% commission. Because all we sell are bullion coins you will receive a price that is close to spot or even above spot for certain products minus the 1% commission.

Buy Gold and Silver Safely

Due to market volatility we are closed for online orders but are taking orders over the phone priced to current market conditions. please call 888-604-6534.