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Don’t Buy 1.5 oz Silver Grizzly Bear Coins Till You Read This

If you are buying 1.5 ounce silver Grizzly Bear coins from  Lear Capital, APMEX, JM Bullion, Penn Metals or other gold dealers you are blatantly getting ripped off. The graphic below is an example of the lowest cost of these coins from APMEX where if you buy these Grizzly Bear coins you will have to earn 30.00% just to break even. The same is true for the 2016 – 1.5 ounce silver Snow Falcon, 2015 and 2016 -1.5 ounce silver SuperLeaf, 2014 and 2015 – 1.5 ounce silver 2013 Polar Bear coins.

As an alternative Buy Gold and Silver Safely sells 1 ounce .999 pure silver 1 ounce coins as low as 60 cents over spot, meaning you would only have to earn 2.9% to break even. We guarantee the lowest prices in the USA.

I want you to call Lear Capital or any of these other gold dealers before buying any silver from us and ask them one question;

Ask; If I buy these coins from you today at $X spot price and want to sell them back to you today at the same $X spot price, what will you pay me for them?  They will scoff or make up something in reply and any hesitation in answering your question is a red flag. Just know there is a reason why most of these gold dealers don’t advertise the buy back price.  APMEX was the only one who did for the Polar Bear & Cub product below and the buy back price was 25% less which means you have to earn 30% just to break even. Today they don’t even have that price on there and when I called them to see what their buy back price was, they said they are not buying them at this time. How’s that for liquidity.

Even worse, someone who bought $94,899 of the 1.5 ounce coins from Lear Capital told me they got their statement the following week and they were valued at $49,659. This is a true story. She wanted her money back from Lear immediately but was told she was on a recorded line and agreed to the price. Most don’t know what they are doing when they buy silver and this person was simply ripped off.

When you need to buy gasoline and you have a gas station on one corner charging quite a bit more than the station on the opposite corner, you logically buy from the lower cost provider. The latest gold dealer ripoff is to push investors towards silver Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear, Snow Falcon,  SuperLeaf, Arctic Fox and Polar Bear and Cub coins that are much higher than the spot price of silver. These coins are so bad for consumers that we here at Buy Gold and Silver refuse to offer them to our clients. We also refuse to sell numismatic, rare, collectible, proof and other high commissioned coins. AARP agrees with us in their latest article on fraud where the author of the book Buy Gold and Silver Safely Doug Eberhardt was interviewed for the story.


We only offer low cost bullion coins for a reason; you make the profit, not the gold dealer. Call us today to place an order at 888-604-6534

The silver Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear and Cub coins are minted by the Royal Canadian Mint.and are 1.5 ounces, 999 pure silver. and have a $8 face amount which really is meaningless except that the Canadian government will give you $8 for one ounce of silver, well under the current spot price of silver. No matter what the price of silver is, you will be paying more for these silver Polar Bear & Cub coins.

If you were to call the Royal Canadian Mint as I have they really aren’t too familiar with these coins or past 1.5 ounce coins these dealers sell.  This shows they are not as popular as investors think.

You will find though that if these 1.5 ounce coins are available at the gold dealer you call they will push you towards them and be blatantly ripping you off because the cost for them is so much higher than buying straight bullion rounds or bars from Buy Gold and Silver Safely.

Compare all our prices to the cons they push by asking the right questions and put your money to work for you, not the high commissioned sales person.

Call us today for a quote and compare prices at 888-604-6534.

Doug Eberhardt is the author of the book Buy Gold and Silver Safely and his new book on investing Illusions of Wealth is now available.


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