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Sell to Buy Gold and Silver Safely

Sell Your Metals to Buy Gold and Silver Safely

Because we are a broker/dealer, we offer you a ready place to sell your metals to us for all of the products you buy from us as well as for any bullion coin or bar products that may have been purchased from another dealer.

We only have a 1% commission and guarantee the highest buyback price for your metals in the U.S.


The Process to Sell Metals to Us

If you don’t have an account, open a free account online or call us at (888) 604-6534.  Call us and we will quote you our prices and provide you with shipping instructions and the best way to get the metals to us.

Prices are locked in when your metals arrive. You’ll receive an email confirmation of receipt once they have been processed for verification through operations. Once your shipment is received and your products are verified, we will release your payment. This can take 2-3 business days.


Choose How You Get Paid

You can choose to be paid by check or wire transfer, Checks take 5 business days from when they are sent to arrive and wires have a $25 fee.

All of our prices are for sales to us of $1,500 or more. We may offer a lower commission on larger orders ($50,000 or greater). Please call to discuss.


Call us with any questions at 888-604-6534 or email

Buy Gold and Silver Safely

Due to market volatility we are closed for online orders but are taking orders over the phone priced to current market conditions. please call 888-604-6534.