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Secure Storage from Transcontinental Depository Services


BGSS is proud to offer secure precious metals storage through TDS Vaults. TDS is a leading provider of precious metals storage and security, and offers many unique advantages to their clients.

Although many of our clients prefer to hold their metal somewhere instantly accessible, investors with substantial sums of precious metals may worry about the risk and dangers of keeping so many valuables in their home.

TDS offers an excellent solution to customers who desire transparency, accessibility, insurance, and security for their precious metals investments.

Read on to learn more about opening an account with TDS for secure storage, or give us a call at 800-276-6508 to speak with one of our experts regarding precious metals storage.

TDS Storage Locations and Partners

One benefit of choosing TDS over other storage options is that TDS allows clients to choose from a wide variety of vault providers and vault locations. See the full map of available locations:



Why Choose TDS?

TDS Vaults is a leader in the secure storage space. Their parent company; A-Mark Precious Metals, has been in business since 1965 and staffs a senior management team with over 30 years of experience in the precious metals industry. This gives the company unique insight into the needs of precious metal investors.

Many investors get nervous when it comes to taking delivery of and storing large amounts of gold, silver or platinum. This can often bring with it anxiety about storing and protecting the precious metals in their home. This is one of the main reasons why some choose to store their investments at a secure off-site location such as a depository or vault. Some of the many benefits that TDS offers are listed below:

  • Fully allocated storage
  • Flexible storage locations
  • Double auditing
  • Industry leading rates
  • Detailed reporting

Fully Allocated Storage

TDS provides fully allocated storage to all accounts. This means that the exact bars, coins, or rounds you put into storage are the exact physical products you have allocated to your name and will receive if/when you withdraw. This is in contrast to some storage solutions, which co-mingle inventory and only promise you a certain number of ounces of metal (no specific physical product).


Flexible Locations

When electing to use our secure storage program, you also have the option to choose exactly which facility you would like your precious metals to be shipped to and stored at. Conveniently, TDS Vaults offers secure storage locations in North America, Europe and Asia. Available storage locations include the following:

United States

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • New York, NY


  • Toronto, ON


  • Zurich


  • Singapore

Double Insurance

Another advantage of using TDS for storage is that all of your metals will be double insured – once by the vault actually holding the metal, and also by TDS directly with a commercial “all risk” insurance policy.


Full Auditing and Reporting

Investors using TDS storage can rest assured that their metal is where it should be at all times. Clients will receive confirmation of every transaction, as well as quarterly statements of their accounts. All material is also double audited by the vaults as well as BDO Seidman.



More Precious Metals Storage FAQs

Below are more frequently asked questions pertaining to self-directed precious metals IRAs:

How much does TDS storage cost?

Pricing is broken down into two types of fees – the first is a flat charge to cover the handling cost for depositing or withdrawing material from your account. This is a flat fee dependent on the location of the depository. The second fee is to manage and insure the account on an ongoing basis. This fee is dependent on the type/quantity of metal and total value in your account. For a price quote, please contact TDS directly.

What if I want to take delivery of my metal later?

You are able to request delivery of products in your account at any time. You will be responsible for the transportation and handling costs to move the metal out of the account, and can work directly with TDS to coordinate the shipment of the material. Because your metal is in a fully segregated account, withdrawals are simple and quick.

How do I know my metal is still there?

TDS offers full reporting on each in/out transaction, as well as a quarterly statement for each account. Investors can be sure their metal is really there due to a double auditing system, where both the vault of choice as well as BDO Seidman audits the accounts regularly to ensure the metal is where it should be.

How do I know my metals are safe? Are they insured?

As mentioned above, TDS provides reporting on each incoming and outgoing transaction as well as monthly statements for each customer. Furthermore, all items stored through TDS Vaults are double insured. This includes insurance through TDS as well as through the specific depository you choose to store the metals at. The insurance offers protection against loss, theft, damage and many other liabilities.

Why do people store precious metals in a depository?

When one is buying large volumes of precious metals, it can often be more secure to have them stored in an off-site location than keeping the metals in their home where there might be a higher risk of theft.

Are there any benefits to storing precious metals in another country?

One of the main reasons we see investors store their precious metals overseas is due to the political stability and the minimal amount of government regulation in many foreign countries. Some popular countries include Singapore, Switzerland and Germany. Before making a decision to store your metals overseas, however, we highly recommend speaking with an investment advisor to see if this will be of benefit to you.

What if I already own precious metals and want to store them through TDS Vaults?

If you have already acquired precious metals and are looking for a secure place to store them, you can have them shipped to one of the TDS vault locations. To do so you simply need to speak with TDS, set up an account and arrange for the shipment of your metals. Once you have an established account, you can also have any new purchases shipped to the vault and stored securely with the rest of your holdings.

What if my precious metals are currently stored at another vault?

If you are currently storing your metals through another vault company, you will be able to transfer them over to your TDS account if you choose to do so.

What is the difference between an IRA and secure storage?

A precious metals IRA account is set up specifically for retirement savings. All of the metal purchased for an IRA must meet certain criteria to be eligible. There are also maximum yearly contributions for precious metal IRAs as well as many other regulations that the IRS has put in place. When storing precious metals through our secure storage program, the bullion that you purchase does not have to meet this criteria and you will not be limited by a maximum yearly contribution.

What is the difference between segregated and unsegregated storage?

Segregated storage simply means that your metals will be kept separate from other customers and your holdings will be allocated specifically to your name and account. This is different from unsegregated storage where the metals are often mixed together and the investor is only guaranteed a specified amount of metal (not specific bullion or coin products).

How am I billed for the storage?

TDS invoices clients quarterly for storage fees, and you can pay your invoices by paper check or ACH transfer.

Where else could I store precious metals?

Once you make a purchase of precious metals you have several options when it comes to storage. Many choose to store their metals in a home safe, safety deposit box or bank vault. While there are a few advantages and disadvantages for each option, this decision really just comes down to personal preference.

How can I keep my metals safe if I am not storing them in a vault?

No matter where you choose to store your metals, you will want to keep your coins and bullion in a place with a stable temperature and low moisture. Exposure to excessive moisture and heat can cause damage to the metal and decrease its value.

How can I store precious metals for free?

One of the most common ways to store precious metals for free is in the home. When you choose this option you can either keep the metals in a home safe or hide them away in a secret location. There are even companies who make hidden or “diversion” safes as well which can help hide your valuables away securely. However, if you are storing your valuables in a home safe you will still have to buy one which can cost anywhere from $50 to several thousand dollars depending on who manufactures it and its security features.

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